A ggplot2 xaringanthemer plot theme to seamlessly match the "inverse" xaringan slide colors and styles as styled by xaringanthemer. See vignette("ggplot2-themes") for more information and examples.

  text_color = NULL,
  background_color = NULL,
  accent_color = NULL,
  accent_secondary_color = NULL,
  css_file = NULL,
  set_ggplot_defaults = TRUE,
  text_font = NULL,
  text_font_use_google = NULL,
  text_font_size = NULL,
  title_font = NULL,
  title_font_use_google = NULL,
  title_font_size = NULL,
  use_showtext = NULL



Color for text and foreground, inherits from text_color


Color for background, inherits from background_color


Color for titles and accents, inherits from header_color


Color for secondary accents, inherits from text_bold_color


Path to a xaringanthemer CSS file, from which the theme variables and values will be inferred. In general, if you use the xaringathemer defaults, you will not need to set this. This feature lets you create a ggplot2 theme for your xaringan slides, even if you have only saved your theme CSS file and you aren't creating your CSS theme with xaringanthemer in your slides' source file.


Should defaults be set for ggplot2 geoms? Defaults to TRUE. To restore ggplot's defaults, or the previously set geom defaults, see theme_xaringan_restore_defaults().


Font to use for text elements, passed to sysfonts::font_add_google(), if available and text_font_use_google is TRUE. Inherits from text_font_family. If manually specified, can be a google_font().


Is text_font available on Google Fonts?


Base text font size, inherits from text_font_size, or defaults to 11.


Font to use for title elements, passed to sysfonts::font_add_google(), if available and title_font_use_google is TRUE. Inherits from title_font_family. If manually specified, can be a google_font().


Is title_font available on Google Fonts?


Base text font size, inherits from title_font_size, or defaults to 14.


If TRUE the showtext package will be used to register Google fonts. Set to FALSE to disable this feature entirely, which may result in errors during plotting if the fonts used are not available locally. The default is TRUE when the showtext package is installed.


A ggplot2 theme

See also

Other xaringanthemer ggplot2 themes: theme_xaringan_base(), theme_xaringan_set_defaults(), theme_xaringan()


# Requires ggplot2 has_ggplot2 <- requireNamespace("ggplot2", quietly = TRUE) if (has_ggplot2) { # Because this is an example, we'll save the CSS to a temp file path_to_css_file <- tempfile(fileext = ".css") # Create the xaringan theme: dark blue background with teal green accents style_duo( primary_color = "#002b36", secondary_color = "#31b09e", # Using basic fonts for this example, but the plot theme will # automatically use your theme font if you use Google fonts text_font_family = "sans", header_font_family = "serif", outfile = path_to_css_file ) library(ggplot2) ggplot(mpg) + aes(cty, hwy) + geom_point() + ggtitle("Fuel Efficiency of Various Cars") + # themed to match the inverse slides: teal background with dark blue text theme_xaringan_inverse() }