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xaringanthemer includes a number of functions that provide themed xaringan styles. All of the styling functions start with the style_ prefix.

The goal of each style function is to quickly set up a coordinated color palette for your slides based on one or two starter colors. Styles based on one color start with style_mono_ and styles based on two colors start with style_duo_. How the starter colors are used is described in the final portion of the style function name. For example, style_mono_accent() uses a single color as an accent color.

Note that the colors used below are for demonstration only, the point of the style_ functions is for you to choose your own color palette!

If your color palette uses more than two colors, you can add additional colors with the colors argument. See the Colors section for more information.


Use these functions to automatically create a consistent color palette for your slides, based around a single color.


A light theme based around a single color.

style_mono_light(base_color = "#23395b")


A dark theme based around a single color.

style_mono_dark(base_color = "#cbf7ed")


The default xaringan theme with a single color used for color accents on select elements (headers, bold text, etc.).

style_mono_accent(base_color = "#43418A")


An “inverted” default xaringan theme with a single color used for color accents on select elements (headers, bold text, etc.).

style_mono_accent_inverse(base_color = "#3C989E")


These themes build from two (ideally) complementary colors.


A two-colored theme based on a primary and secondary color.

style_duo(primary_color = "#1F4257", secondary_color = "#F97B64")


The default Xaringan theme with two accent colors.

style_duo_accent(primary_color = "#035AA6", secondary_color = "#03A696")


An “inverted” default Xaringan theme with two accent colors.

style_duo_accent_inverse(primary_color = "#035AA6", secondary_color = "#03A696")


There are also two themes based around the solarized color palette, style_solarized_light() and style_solarized_dark(). For both themes, it is advisted to change the syntax highlighting theme to solarized-light or solarized-dark (looks great paired or constrasted).



To do this, your YAML header should look more-or-less like this:

    css: ["xaringan-themer.css"]
      highlightStyle: solarized-dark
      highlightLines: true
      countIncrementalSlides: false


When designing your xaringan theme, you may have additional colors in your desired color palette beyond those used in the accent colors of the mono and duotone styles.

The style*() functions in xaringanthemer include a colors argument that lets you quickly define additional colors to use in your slides. This argument takes a vector of named colors

colors = c(
  red = "#f34213",
  purple = "#3e2f5b",
  orange = "#ff8811",
  green = "#136f63",
  white = "#FFFFFF"

and creates CSS classes from the color name that set the text color — e.g. .red — or that set the background color — e.g. .bg-red. If you use custom CSS in your slides, the color name is also stored in a CSS variable — e.g. var(--red).

So slide text like this

This **.red[simple]**[demo][shows]_ the colors .green[in action].

will be rendered in HTML as

This simple demo shows the colors in action.

Note that the color names in colors need to be valid CSS names, so "purple-light" will work, but "purple light" will not.