The following table shows the template variables, their default values in the standard xaringan theme, the primary element to which the property is applied, and a brief description of the template variable.

For example, background_color by default sets the background-color CSS property of the .remark-slide-content class to #FFF.

Use this table to find the template variable you would like to modify. You can also use this table to find the CSS class or element associated with a particular template item.

Note that themes, like mono_accent(), have additional parameters, but with any theme function you can override the theme by directly setting the arguments below when calling the theme function. For example, to use mono_accent() with a different slide background color, you can call mono_accent(background_color = "#abc123").

variable default element description
text_color #000 body Text Color
header_color #000 h1, h2, h3 Header Color
background_color #FFF .remark-slide-content Slide Background Color
link_color rgb(249, 38, 114) a, a > code Link Color
text_bold_color NA strong Bold Text Color
text_slide_number_color inverse_background_color .remark-slide-number Slide Number Color
padding 1em 4em 1em 4em .remark-slide-content Slide Padding in top right [bottom left] format
background_image NA .remark-slide-content Background image applied to each and every slide. Set title_slide_background_image = "none" to remove the background image from the title slide.
background_size NA .remark-slide-content Background image size, requires background_image to be set. If background_image is set, background_size will default to cover so the backround fills the screen. If both background_image and background_position are set, will default to 100 percent.
background_position NA .remark-slide-content Background image position, requires background_image to be set, and it is recommended to adjust background_size.
code_highlight_color rgba(255,255,0,0.5) .remark-code-line-highlighted Code Line Highlight
code_inline_color #000 .remark-inline-code Inline Code Color
code_inline_background_color NA .remark-inline-code Inline Code Background Color
code_inline_font_size 1em .remark-inline-code Inline Code Text Font Size
inverse_background_color #272822 .inverse Inverse Background Color
inverse_text_color #d6d6d6 .inverse Inverse Text Color
inverse_text_shadow FALSE .inverse Enables Shadow on text of inverse slides
inverse_header_color #f3f3f3 .inverse h1, .inverse h2, .inverse h3 Inverse Header Color
title_slide_text_color inverse_text_color .title-slide Title Slide Text Color
title_slide_background_color inverse_background_color .title-slide Title Slide Background Color
title_slide_background_image NA .title-slide Title Slide Background Image URL
title_slide_background_size NA .title-slide Title Slide Background Image Size, defaults to “cover” if background image is set
title_slide_background_position NA .title-slide Title Slide Background Image Position
footnote_color NA .footnote Footnote text color (if NA, then it will be the same color as text_color)
footnote_font_size 0.9em .footnote Footnote font size
footnote_position_bottom 3em .footnote Footnote location from bottom of screen
left_column_subtle_color #777 .left-column h2, .left-column h3 Left Column Text (not last)
left_column_selected_color #000 .left-column h2:last-of-type, .left-column h3:last-child Left Column Current Selection
blockquote_left_border_color lightgray blockquote Blockquote Left Border Color
table_border_color #666 table: border-top, border-bottom Table top/bottom border
table_row_border_color #ddd table thead th: border-bottom Table row inner bottom border
table_row_even_background_color #eee thead, tfoot, tr:nth-child(even) Table Even Row Background Color
text_font_size 20px .remark-slide-content Slide Body Text Font Size
header_h1_font_size 55px .remark-slide-content h1 h1 Header Text Font Size
header_h2_font_size 45px .remark-slide-content h2 h2 Header Text Font Size
header_h3_font_size 35px .remark-slide-content h3 h3 Header Text Font Size
text_slide_number_font_size 0.9em .remark-slide-number Slide Number Text Font Size
text_font_google NULL body Use google_font() to specify body font
text_font_family 'Droid Serif' body Body Text Font Family
text_font_weight normal body Body Text Font Weight
text_font_url,700,400italic @import url() Body Text Font URL(s)
text_font_family_fallback 'Palatino Linotype', 'Book Antiqua', Palatino, 'Microsoft YaHei', 'Songti SC' body Body Text Font Fallbacks
text_font_base serif body Body Text Base Font (Total Failure Fallback)
header_font_google NULL body Use google_font() to specify header font
header_font_family 'Yanone Kaffeesatz' h1, h2, h3 Header Font Family
header_font_weight normal h1, h2, h3 Header Font Weight
header_font_url @import url Header Font URL
code_font_google NULL body Use google_font() to specify code font
code_font_family 'Source Code Pro' .remark-code, .remark-inline-code Code Font Family
code_font_size 0.9em .remark-inline Code Text Font Size
code_font_url,700 @import url Code Font URL
code_font_family_fallback 'Lucida Console', Monaco .remark-code, .remark-inline-code Code Font Fallback