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xaringanthemer 0.4.2

CRAN release: 2022-08-20

  • Use .table-unshaded class on a tables to prevent xaringanthemer’s table heading and row shading (thanks @dragonattheend, #74)

  • Use inverse_text_color as the default for inverse_header_color in most places (#60)

  • Fixed a bug that happened when providing named values for key theme colors (#62)

  • Re-document for CRAN

xaringanthemer 0.4.1

CRAN release: 2021-11-21

  • Text alignment in code blocks in left, center, or right aligned slides no longer matches the slide text. Instead, the code block width is reduced, if possible, and the block is pushed to the left, center, or right using margins (#68).

  • The style functions are now more permissive about color names in the color argument. Color names should be valid CSS classes that can also be used as CSS variable names, but the style_ function only stops with an error if the color name contains spaces. (@jdlom #69)

  • Fixed an issue that caused problems rendering the xaringanthemer R Markdown template if the showtext package isn’t installed (thanks @beatrizmilz, #65).

xaringanthemer 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2021-06-24

  • Added text_bold_font_weight argument to xaringanthemer style functions with a corresponding CSS rule setting the font-weight property of <strong> elements (thanks @matiasandina, #50).

  • The style functions gain a link_decoration argument to set the text-decoration property for links (#57).

  • Set slide number font size in rem so that increasing the font size at the slide level doesn’t result in giant slide numbers (#53).

  • The xaringanthemer slide skeleton (R Markdown template) will now render when packages that are used in the template but not in xaringanthemer’s Imports are not installed (#52).

  • xaringanthemer no longer sets the fig.showtext chunk option when the showtext package isn’t installed and also when fig.showtext = FALSE (thanks @mikedecr #36, #56).

xaringanthemer 0.3.3

CRAN release: 2021-03-04

  • Add inverse_link_color to control color of links on inverse slides (thanks @dmi3kno, #44)

  • .pull-right[] now clears floats just for its immediate sibling

  • Add header_font_family_fallback to control fallback fonts for headings (thanks @mattwarkentin, #41)

  • New xaringanthemer presentation skeleton with a kitchen sink of typical slide elements with the goal of making it easier to preview new themes during development.

xaringanthemer 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2020-05-04

  • Adds theme_xaringan(), a ggplot2 theme that automatically uses the colors and font styles of your xaringanthemer style. Also adds scale_xaringan_discrete() and scale_xaringan_continuous() functions that use your slides’ primary colors for the color or fill aesthetics. These theme functions can recover the primary colors used in a xaringanthemer (>= 0.3.0) CSS file even if you don’t call the style function directly in your slides.

  • Renamed all xaringanthemer functions that create CSS styles to use the prefix “style_”. For example, mono_light() is now style_mono_light(). Additionally, write_xaringan_theme() is now style_xaringan() and write_extra_css() is style_extra_css(). Overall, this change makes the xarignanthemer API much cleaner and easier to navigate. Previous function names are deprecated but still work.

  • Added background_header_auto parameter that adds a background under the first h1 element (i.e. # Slide Title) on a slide. When enabled, the background is added automatically to slides, as long as they aren’t inverse, center, middle, or bottom-styled slides. When disabled, you can still enable slide title headers by adding the header_background class to a slide. (thanks, @Btibert3, #10)

  • The underlying template now uses the whisker package.

  • xaringanthemer styles now use CSS variables throughout. Most of the settings used in defining a style are stored in CSS variables. The variable names are documented in their corresponding arguments. For example, the color selected for background_color is stored in the variable --background-color. These variables can be used in custom CSS rules or in other arguments in any style functions, for example as var(--background-color).

  • xaringanthemer now uses a different set of default fonts for heading and body fonts. The new defaults use Cabin for headings and Noto Sans for body text. These fonts are easier to read on screens and at a distance during presentations, and they support a wide variety of languages and weights. Another reason for the change is that the xaringan (remarkjs) default body font, Droid Serif, is no longer officially included in Google Fonts.

  • Additional colors can be provided in the colors argument, which takes a named vector of colors. The names become both CSS classes and CSS variables that can be used throughout your slide styles. For example, colors = c(red = "#d34213") creates a .red CSS class for red foreground text, a .bg-red CSS class for a red background, and a --red CSS variable that can be referenced as var(--red) in any _color argument of your style function.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Better handling of multiple extra_fonts, including improved error messages. (Thanks @pat-s, #19).

  • style_extra_css() (previously write_extra_css()) gained an append argument so that it can append to or overwrite an existing file (thanks @pat-s, #17).

  • The underlying tibble holding the theme template variables was updated to work with tibble 3.0.0 (thanks @techisdead, @SymbolixAU, #32).

  • The css-help vignette was removed and may be re-written in the future.

  • Style function arguments that accept CSS property values are now documented in the argument documentation, including a link to the MDN web docs page for the CSS property or value (#33, thanks @TrashBirdEcology #18).

  • Style functions return the CSS text directly when outfile = NULL.