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Give your xaringan slides some style with xaringanthemer within your slides.Rmd file without (much) CSS.

Animation previewing many xaringanthemer themes


You can install xaringanthemer from CRAN


or you can install the development version of xaringanthemer from GitHub.

# install.packages("remotes")

Quick Intro

First, add the xaringan-themer.css file to the YAML header of your xaringan slides.

    css: xaringan-themer.css

Then, in a hidden chunk just after the knitr setup chunk, load xaringanthemer and try one of the theme functions.

```{r xaringan-themer, include=FALSE, warning=FALSE}
  base_color = "#1c5253",
  header_font_google = google_font("Josefin Sans"),
  text_font_google   = google_font("Montserrat", "300", "300i"),
  code_font_google   = google_font("Fira Mono")

Example title and normal slides using a green xaringanthemer theme

Matching ggplot Themes

xaringanthemer even provides a ggplot2 theme with theme_xaringan() that uses the colors and fonts from your slide theme. Built on the showtext package, and designed to work seamlessly with Google Fonts.

Color and fill scales are also provided for matching sequential color scales based on the primary color used in your slides. See ?scale_xaringan for more details.

More details and examples can be found in vignette("ggplot2-themes").

ggplot(diamonds) +
  aes(cut, fill = cut) +
  geom_bar(show.legend = FALSE) +
    x = "Cut",
    y = "Count",
    title = "A Fancy diamonds Plot"
  ) +
  theme_xaringan(background_color = "#FFFFFF") +

Tab Completion

xaringanthemer is Tab friendly – use autocomplete to explore the template variables that you can adjust in each of the themes!

Demonstration of argument auto-completion with RStudio

R Markdown Template in RStudio

You can also skip the above and just create a Ninja Themed Presentation from the New R Markdown Document menu in RStudio.

The 'New R Markdown Document' menu in RStudio


There’s a lot more that xaringanthemer can do! Discover xaringanthemer’s features.