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Extra-strength glue for scripts, reports, and apps

epoxy is super glue

In R Markdown and Quarto reports

Use epoxy chunks for extra-strength inline syntax. Just library(epoxy) in your R Markdown or Quarto document to get started. All epoxy chunks make it easy to transform values in place with a cli-inspired inline syntax described in ?epoxy_transform_inline.

In R scripts

The same functions that power epoxy chunks are availble in three flavors:

These functions are accompanied by a robust system for chained glue-transformers powered by epoxy_transform().

In Shiny apps

ui_epoxy_html() makes it easy to update text or HTML dynamically, anywhere in your Shiny app’s UI. For more complicated situations, ui_epoxy_mustache() lets you turn any Shiny UI into a template that leverages the Mustache templating language.

Learn more

There’s a whole lot more that epoxy can do!


You can install epoxy from CRAN:

You can install the latest development version of epoxy with remotes

# install.packages("remotes")

or from

options(repos = c(
  gadenbuie = "",