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epoxy, super-glue wrappers

epoxy() epoxy_html() epoxy_latex()
Epoxy string interpolation
use_epoxy_knitr_engines() use_epoxy_glue_engine()
Use the epoxy knitr engines

epoxy Transformers

Reuse epoxy Templates

epoxy_use_chunk() epoxy_use_file()
Reuse a Template Chunk

Templating for Shiny

ui_epoxy_html() epoxyHTML()
Epoxy HTML Output for Shiny
Epoxy Markdown Template for Shiny
render_epoxy() renderEpoxyHTML()
Render Epoxy Output
Example epoxy Shiny apps

Mustache-style Templating

Sometimes you need just a little bit more templating power than epoxy() or glue can provide. The mustache templating language is a simple, popular, logic-less templating language. Consider using mustache when your template uses nested data structures or conditionally included content, but doesn’t require any inline formatting.

Mustache-style string interpolation
ui_epoxy_mustache() ui_epoxy_whisker()
Epoxy HTML Mustache Template

Example Datasets

Interesting datasets that can help you explore, learn, and practice using epoxy.

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