Garrick Aden-Buie Data Scientist

Motivated, life-long learner. Always looking for questions and answers in the data. Passionate about collaboration, sharing knowledge, and communicating insights. Known as a highly organized, perceptive, and resourceful team player.

Sep 2019 — Present RStudio Certified Tidyverse Instructor
Open Source Software

I enjoy contributing to open source software projects and whenever possible I contribute to the R packages that I use. I also have released the following software packages for R on GitHub:

2020-07-08 Your Slides are So Extra!

2020-05-15 10,000 Reasons to Love Functions
Bio-Data Club at Moffitt Cancer Center

2019-07-19 Reproducible Data Workflows with Drake
Bio-Data Club at Moffitt Cancer Center

2018-11-06 A Gentle Guide to the Grammar of Graphics with ggplot2
Workshop on Data Analysis Using R (ASA at USF)

2018-10-29 The Passive Smart Home: Unobtrusive At-Home Behavior Monitoring
Utilizing Technology for Data Collection and Intervention, Moffitt Cancer Center

Aden-Buie G

2018-05-07 Unsupervised behavior change detection using passive sensor systems in the homes of older adults
11th World Conference of Gerontechnology

Aden-Buie G, Yalcin A, VandeWeerd C

2018-01-23 A Gentle Guide to the Grammar of Graphics with ggplot2
Tampa R Users Meetup

An introduction to data visualization with the R package ggplot2

2017-10-25 Occupant Activity Profiles from Smart Home Sensor Event Streams
INFORMS Annual Meeting

Aden-Buie G, Yalcin A, VandeWeerd C

2016-03-25 Getting StaRted in R
INFORMS@USF Code & Data Boot Camp

2015-02-06 Ambient Intelligence Applications in Healthcare
ISERC at IIE Annual Conference & Expo

Aden-Buie G, Yalcin A, VandeWeerd C, Agu N, Hammett J, Yetisener E, Radwan C

2014-04-11 Reporting Reproducible Research with R and Markdown
INFORMS@USF Code & Data Boot Camp

2013-10-07 Boosted Tree Ensembles for Predicting Postsurgical ICU Mortality
INFORMS Annual Meeting

Aden-Buie G, Chen Y, Romero G, Kayal R, Yang H

2014 — 2015 President, INFORMS Student Chapter at USF

Served as President of the USF student chapter of INFORMS, the leading international association for Operations Research and Analytics professionals.

  • Started a student-led monthly journal club to share and disseminate cutting-edge publications in statistics, machine learning, and operations research.
  • Initiated a travel grant supported by internal fundraising to partially finance the attendance of chapter members at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.
  • Organized and led a college-wide code and data bootcamp for undergraduate and graduate students, featuring hands-on learning of data science and programming principles.
  • Led planning team for INFORMS@USF Code & Data Bootcamp, built comprehensive webpage, organized sessions and source code, and presented multiple sessions on programming and data science with R.
2008 — 2009 Peace Corps

Youth Development Specialist
Served in the Peace Corps in Gualaceo, Ecuador, working in conjuction with local organizations to provide leadership training to children and youth among a number of other highlights listed below.

  • Created and implemented life-skills training program, educating 70 at-risk middle school students.
  • Led Peace Corps Ecuador’s Anti-Trafficking In Persons committee and created a collaborative, contest-based fundraiser for a shelter for trafficked women in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • Individually tutored seven middle- and high-school students and two college math students in math topics such as Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus.
  • Designed interactive graphics and edited a six-month, biweekly column published in the leading local newspaper, appealing to both children and parents, highlight topics including hygiene, public health and children’s rights.
  • Organized and delivered an educational course for parents on drug and alcohol abuse prevention in high-risk community.